Monkey mask

Dogon:  Ethnic group of 350 000 people living in the eastern parts of Mali and in the north-west of Burkina Faso.

The Dogons know a great number of diverse types of masks (approximately 100).

All masks belong to the Awa-societies and are shown on the Dawa, the funeral rites which are hold every two or three years in honour of  the deceased elder ones. They represent animals, objects or human beings and are produced out of vegetable fibres, cloth or wood.

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Male statue Female statue Male statue Pair of figures at "Balafon" Monkey mask
Monkey mask Female statue and child Mask with monkey on top Part of a lock Male statue
Female statue Male statue Staff Pair of statues Monkey mask
Monkey mask Helmet mask Female statue Gallery of figures Part of a granary door
Equestrian figure


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